Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (Algemene Voorwaarden) Jongeling Numismatics & Ancient Art

1. Buyer: the person or entity who placed the order.
2. Item: coin, medal, token, bank note, archaeological object or numismatic related item offered by Jongeling Numismatics & Ancient Art.
3. JNAA: Jongeling Numismatics & Ancient Art, VAT nr. NL858966712B01, CoC nr. 72055219.

1. Unless otherwise agreed in a written statement, all contracts, agreements, orders and offers at JNAA are subject to the following Terms and Conditions.
2. An order from the buyer implies full knowledge and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as stated here.

1. JNAA guarantees that all items offered are authentic and from the period described unless otherwise stated. When an issue would arise about the items authenticity, we accept a written statement from a respected expert on Numismatics, grading company (NGC or PCGS) or archaeological specialist claiming the opposite. After acceptance of the written statement the purchase amount of the item will be fully refunded minus shipping, handling and insurance costs.
2. The authenticity guarantee is live long meaning as long as JNAA (part of Jongeling Art & Numismatics B.V.) with VAT nr. NL858966712B01 is actively operating and exists.
3. Items are offered subject to availability on a first come, first served basis.
4. On rare occasion, a certain item may not be available anymore although the website showed differently. This due to a stock difference or the fact that JNAA also attends and sells at national and international fairs. No claims can be made because of this and a full refund will be made including shipping, handling and insurance costs when inavailability occurs.

Payment and pricing
1. We accept payments by iDeal, Paypal (credit card) and wire transfer.
2. Payments by wire must be made within 14 days after order date.
3. An interest rate of 1,5% on each item’s price will be charged per month for delayed payments after 14 days.
4. All payments must be made in euro’s.
5. All prices include VAT and are in euro’s and without shipping, handling and insurance costs.

1. Item(s) does not pass to the buyer until item(s) is/are paid for in full.
2. Unless otherwise agreed in a written statement, items(s) will only be shipped after full payment is received.

1. JNAA is not responsible for any delays in the delivery of items when items are handed over to the shipping company. Nor can any claims be made when items are delayed because of unavoidable circumstances.
2. Any loss during shipment is fully covered by JNAA minus shipping, handling and insurance costs unless agreed with buyer that the item was dispatched unregistered and without insurance.

Return Policy
1. Any item may be returned within 14 days after receivement. A written statement must be send in advance to inform JNAA about the return. Item must be returned in exactly the same condition as depicted and described on the website of JNAA or in the catalogue.

Grading, Descriptions and Images
1. The grading of the items is made to the best of our experts’ knowledge, but is still a personal opinion. Items are represented on the website of JNAA as realistically as possible. Occasionally the state of the coin is also described. No warranty is implied in the grading unless the coin is slabbed by NGC or PCGS.
2. Detailed condition reports are available on request on all items.
3. All descriptions of the items given are made to our best knowledge and based on current numismatic and archaeological theory, nevertheless their accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
4. All items are scientifically referenced according to latest research.
5. When JNAA offers an item with a stock exceeding 1 (stock>1) we use a general image to give a good impression of the item. Received item could slightly differ from the image on the website or in the catalogue.

Applied law
1. Only Dutch law is applied to all contracts, agreements, orders and offers with JNAA to which the Terms and Conditions apply to.