What is grading

The grading of coins and banknotes by an independent and external party is gaining in popularity. Both among collectors and investors. When grading coins and banknotes, each coin and banknote is assessed by an independent expert for quality, authenticity and restorations. The coin or banknote is then packed in an airtight and sealed ‘slab’ or ‘sleave’ with a label stating the description, date and quality (grading). The two largest providers of this service are the American companies NGC and PCGS. Jongeling Numismatics & Ancient Art is an Authorized Dealer for NGC, PMG and PCGS and takes care of the entire grading process for you.


The Certified Collectables Group (CCG) has been active since 1987 and started out by certifying coins. Over time, the company has expanded to certify a diverse range of collectibles; from coins to stamps and from banknotes to trading cards. NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Company), founded in 1987, and PMG (Paper Money Grading), founded in 2005, are part of this globally operating company.

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The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) has been providing its service since 1986. Like NGC, coins at this party are graded by independent experts and provided with a so-called slab. PCGS slabs are very difficult to break open and are now equipped with a chip that can be scanned with a mobile phone. Buying a counterfeit slab is now a thing of the past. While we can advise on the choice between NGC and PCGS, it is ultimately up to the client to decide.