Maundy set 1850 Victoria Great Britain NGC MS 65-66


Obverse: young head left
Reverse: crowned value within wreath

Maundy money are British coins that are presented to elderly people in need on Maundy Thursday as part of a religious ceremony. The term “maundy money” has been in use since George II (1727-1760). It is unclear at which point the use of normal circulation coins was discontinued and silver coins were especially minted for this occasion. A Maundy set consists of 1 penny, 2, 3 and 4 pence.

Weight: 1p 0.47 g, 2p 0.94 g, 3p 1.41 g, 4p 1.89 g
Diameter: 1p 11.0 mm, 2p 13.0 mm, 3p 16.0 mm, 4p 18.0 mm
Grade: Prooflike
Reference: 1p KM# 727, 2p KM# 729, 3p KM# 730, 4p KM# 732


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