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1918. Dr. Alexander Freiherr von Spitzmüller


Obverse: GEHEIMER RAT / DR ALEXANDER FREIHERR VON SPITZMUELLER, bust of Alexander Spitzmüller right
Reverse: ZUR FREUNDLICHEN ERINNERUNG / AN GEMEINSAME ARBEIT / DIE . DIREKTOREN / DER . KK . PRIV OESTEREICHISCHEN / CREDIT-ANSTALT F. HANDEL U. GEWERBE. / NOVEMBER 1915, the personification of science looking calmly at the bank building opposite
By H. Kautsch
Alexander Spitzmüller (1862-1953), from 1917 to 1919 Freiherr von und zu Spitzmüller-Harmersbach, was an Austrian lawyer, financial expert, bank director and politician.
Heinrich Kautsch (1859-1943), was an Austrian sculptor and medallist who worked in Paris as of 1889 and in 1893 was a member of the Jury of Fine Arts at the Chicago World’s Fair. In addition to medals and plaques, Heinrich Kautsch also created a number of funerary monuments, which can be found in Amsterdam, Prague, Meran, and Salzburg.

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