Numismatic Society of Diest – Festschrift in Honour of Dr Ellen Raven


By the Diestse Studiekring voor Numismatiek
Numismatic studies no. 5 of the Numismatic Society of Diest. This Festschrift pays tribute to Dr Ellen M. Raven who retired last year. She is an art historian and Indologist who, since 2002, taught South Asian arts and material culture at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Leiden. This Festschrift is a collection of ten contributions from fellow numismatists.
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‘s-Hertogenbosch: 2023. Hardback. 156 pages.
Bibliography of Dr Ellen Raven
Indian Numismatics
Sanjeev Kumar
The misunderstood Coinage of Chandragupta II of the Gupta dynasty – A rebuttal
Pankaj Tandon
An analysis of the gold content in Gupta gold coins
Joe Cribb
The Heritage of Kushan designs on early Gupta and other south and central Asian coins
Prashant P. Kulkarni
Coins of Beṇṇākaṭa Bhojakaṭa
Amol N. Bankar
Seal of Mahārāja Śrī Pravarasena from the Kālañjara fort
Shailendra Bhandare
Rashtrakutas gold coinage: new discoveries and insights
Jan Peter Schouten
Hindi Gods on colonial coins
Hellenistic numismatics
Patrick Pasmans & Jonathan Quellet
Unusual Alexandrian lion coins from Babylon
Rudy Dillen
Commagene:… the would-be kings
Patrick Pasmans
Historical evolution from the silver and copper content in tetradrachms of the Characenian kings in Mesene (Southern Iraq), struck in the period 288-355 SE (= 24/3 BCE – 44/5 CE)

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