Silver rider Utrecht 1711 – De Liefde NGC Shipwreck graded


Obverse: MO . NO . ARG . PRO . CON РFΠ. BELG . TRAI., knight with sword held high on horseback right, crowned shield of province underneath
Reverse: CONCORDIA . – RES . PARVÆ – CRESCVNT : crowned shield of the Generality, flanked by standing and crowned lions, year in cartouche with leaf ornaments underneath
Recovered from the wreck of the VOC ship ‘De Liefde’
With NGC Shipwreck certification
In 1711 the VOC ship De Liefde had already made four sea voyages to Batavia. On November 3, 1711 the ship left Texel with a crew of about 300 and silver and gold in the value of 227,000 guilders on board. A few days later, on November 7, the ship sailed onto the cliffs of the island Mioness in the Out Skerries of the Shetland Islands. Only one man survived the wrecking: the lookout on the foremast.
Attempts at recovery were made as early as 1712 by the VOC. Unfortunately, due to dispersion of the cargo and beach combing of the local population there wasn’t much to salvage. In 1965 the wreck was rediscovered. The ship’s bell with the year 1700 and the mark of the VOC was recovered, as well as silver and gold coins and several objects. Some of the objects can be found in the museum of Lerwick.


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41.0 mm


Delm. 1031; CNM 2.43.99