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8 reales Mexico 1742 – Hollandia NGC Shipwreck graded


Obverse: crowned hemispheres flanked by crowned pillars
Reverse: crowned arms shield flanked by value and initials
Recovered from the wreck of the VOC ship ‘Hollandia’
With NGC Shipwreck certification
The Hollandia was a ship of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), built in 1742. It sank en route to India in the night of July 13 1743 just before St Agnes, one of the Isles of Scilly. The crew signalled for help by firing the canons. Unfortunately, the island inhabitants couldn’t do anything, as the ship was too far out to sea. The ship sank quickly and there were no survivors. An attempt to recover the cargo at the time was unsuccessful. However, in 1971 the wreck was discovered again and 35000 silver coins were brought up.

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37.0 mm


KM# 103