2 stuiver noodmunt Breda 1625


Voorzijde: . II . / BREDA / OBSESSA / 16 – stadswapen van Breda – 25, geheel binnen parelcirkel
Keerzijde: blanco
The Siege of Breda was the siege of the city of Breda during the Eighty Years’ War. The city was besieged in 1624 and 1625 by Spanish troops led by Ambrogio Spinola. Conquest of Breda would provide the Spaniards with a base to more easily conquer other Dutch cities.
Spinola surprised by besieging the city late in the season. Prince Maurits, and later his successor Frederik Hendrik, came to Breda’s aid. However, their attempts came to nothing and the city had to surrender on June 2, 1625 after an 11-month siege due to hopelessness and lack of food.


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