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Gold ducat Utrecht 1724 – Akerendam NGC MS 63


Obverse: CONCORDIA RES – PAR – VÆ CRES TRA. city crest, knight standing right with sword and bundle of arrows
Reverse: MO. ORD / PROVIN / FOEDER / BELG. AD / LEG. IMP., all within ornate square
Recovered from the wreck of the VOC ship ‘De Akerendam’
With NGC Shipwreck certification
Akerendam was a ship of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), built in 1724. On 19 January 1725, the Akerendam left for Batavia with 19 chests of gold and silver on board.
On 8 March 1725 the Akerendam drifted in a snow storm and sank near the cliffs of Runde island (Norway). All 200 crew members perished. The site was forgotten until Swedish and Norwegian sports divers rediscovered the wreck site in 1972. Although little remained of the ship, about 560 kg of gold and silver coins were recovered. 6,600 gold coins were mostly the rare Dutch gold ducats, minted in Utrecht in 1724; prior to this find only a handful of these ducats were known.


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22.1 mm




Delm. 965; CNM 2.43.46