4 stuiver noodmunt Deventer 1578


Voorzijde: VRGEN x NECESS – DAVEN ⁑ 30 ⁑ OC x 78 ·, Deventer adelaar
Keerzijde: waardeaanduiding binnen krans
Met klop van Deventer
The Siege of Deventer took place in 1578 during the Eighty Years’ War. The city was besieged for several months by States troops led by the Count of Rennenberg. The siege was part of the decision of the States General to better protect Holland and Utrecht against looting. The German Polweiler regiment had been stationed in the city since 1572, which defended the city for the Spaniards. On November 19, 1578, Deventer surrendered to the States troops.

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vG. 143a; Maill. 37.8; vL. I 261.1; FD. 74a; PW. 4