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Gold rider Friesland 1598


Obverse: + NISI = DOMINVS – NOBISCVM +, rider with lifted sword right over city coat of arms of Leeuwarden
Reverse: + MONE + NOVA + AV + ORDI + FRISIÆ + 1598, crowned city coat of arms
Ex Laurens Schulman 3 (February 12 1990) lot no. 94
From the Randwijk coin find of 1987
The Randwijk coin find happened during the dig of a foundation for a garage in November 1987. A pot came out of the ground filled with what eventually turned out to be 541 gold and 37 silver pieces. It was a varied content from various countries, but most of the coins dated from the late 16th and early 17th century. The oldest piece was a fiorino d’oro from 1304.
Half of the find was to be auctioned on November 7, 1989 by Laurens Schulman BV. However, on September 19, Schulman was robbed of, among other things, the complete autumn auction, including half of the Randwijk find. After the police managed to retrieve everything, the second part was eventually auctioned on February 12 of the following year.


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3.32 g


26.1 mm


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Delm. 1008; V. 118.2; CNM 2.16.4; Fr. 225