1582. Failed assassination of William of Orange


Obverse: .roset. PRODITIONE . NON . ARMIS . AGITVR, Jaureguy shoots the prince through the head from up close
Reverse: .PRODITOR . TANDEM . LVET, Philips II, enraged, learns about the failed assassination, doom rains down on him from heaven
By Gerard van Bylaer
Jean Jaureguy was a servant of the Spanish fur merchant Gaspar de Añastro. Añastro had heard rumours about a reward that Philip II was said to have written out for the liquidation of William of Orange. Together with his 19-year-old clerk Antonio de Venero and the Dominican priest Anthony Timmerman from Dunkirk he convinced his assistant clerk Jaureguy to commit the attack for him by promising him 2877 crowns. The mentally unstable Jaureguy is said to have also committed the attack for the greater glory of God.
On Sunday march 18 1582 Jaureguy offered William of Orange a petition. Even before Orange could take the paper from him Jaureguy fired at his head. Although the pistol was faulty the bullet struck him in the neck. The shot didn’t do any permanent damage however, and Orange later recovered. Jaureguy was killed on the spot.

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vL. I 309.2; Dugn. 2890