1641. Marriage of William of Orange and Princess Mary


Obverse: albionum genuit / rex me summusque / monarcha Carolus / et sponsam me iubet / esse tuam / princeps me Henricus / genuit fortissimus / heros nassoviæ, et / sponsum me iubet / esse tuum, in exergue Londini desponsati Wilhelm, et Maria / anno 1641 . 12 mai, standing figures of William and Mary facing each other, hands clasped, dove and rays above, lauded by angels on clouds, view of the Hof van Holland in background
Reverse: bellonam princeps / pallas pedibus ierit, et pax ilo- / ret et alma ceres consert sacro alite / fruges, in exergue novi imperii auspicio / bono, William as Pallas stands amidst trophies and trampling the god of war Bellona, receiving olive branch from Mary as Ceres
By J. Blum

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