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1906. Germany. Emil George Conrad von Sauer


Obverse: .DEM. / .GROSSEN. MEISTER. / .EMIL. SAUER. / .IN. ZUNEIGUNG. / H. KAUTSCH. / PARIS. 1906., bust left, placed to the right of plaquette, legend on the left
Reverse: olive branches before radiant star over landscape
By Heinrich Kautsch
Plaque on the composer and pianist Conrad von Sauer (1862-1942)
Heinrich Kautsch (1859-1943), was an Austrian sculptor and medallist who had been working in Paris since 1889 and in 1893 was a member of the Jury of Fine Arts at the Chicago World’s Fair. In addition to medals and plaques, Heinrich Kautsch also created a number of funerary monuments, which can be found in Amsterdam, Prague, Meran, and Salzburg.

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AE 70.0 x 63.0 mm