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Central American Mayan polychrome cylindrical vessel, ca. 600 – 900 AD


High Mayan polychrome vessel, painted in ocher, brown, and black depicting two gods or priests sitting opposite each other in front of a stele with a skull attached on it. One god is holding a snake, the other a rubber ball. A band of glyphs encircles the rim, meaning ‘woman/flower’ – ‘heart/deer’.


With TL-analysis from Laboratory Ralf Kotala, nr.: 03120704

Ex German private collection, Dr. G. W. Collected between 1980 and 2015

Exhibited: Maya. Meisterwerke altindianischer Kunst, Galerie Alt-Amerika, Stuttgart, 17.6.2005 – 6.8.2005

• Late Classic Period, ca. 600 – 900 AD
• Height: 18.5 cm
• Diameter: 11.6 cm

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